About us


The Hawai`i Cultural Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to perpetuating Hawaiian culture outside of Hawai`i. HCF develops programs that create a deeper understanding of ancient and contemporary Hawaiian traditions, and strives to strengthen a community of people who share a common ancestry, background or interest in Hawai`i.

To further this mission, HCF has adopted the following goals:

Cultural Perpetuation

To practice and preserve Hawaiian traditions, arts and values expressed through music, dance, folk arts, crafts, language, film, voyaging, cuisine and other cultural forms.

Educational Outreach

To present information on Hawaiian culture and increase awareness of current issues facing Hawai`i, the native Hawaiian population, and the Hawai`i mainland community through educational workshops, symposiums, forums, lectures, performances and the web.

Community Building

To support and build a community around Hawaiian activities and cultural expressions, and to provide opportunities to explore matters of concern to the Hawaiian mainland community.

Partnership Development

To build partnerships with educational, cultural and regional Hawai`i civic organizations based in Hawai`i and throughout the country to exchange information and ideas, and foster nationally-organized collaborative activities.