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Your tax-deductible gift will help HCF in its efforts to present Hawaiian and Pacific culture.

General Annual Fund

In order to best serve the community, HCF offers resources and events to the public free of charge. HCF relies on the generous support of donations to the General Operating Fund to implement these programs. Donations typically support the cost of public lectures, community meetings, and general expenses associated with operating the organization such as utilities, rent and office expenses.

Scholarship Fund

HCF offers scholarships for people with Pacific Island ancestry and financial need to attend educational workshops and classes. These scholarships are particularly important for those who have few opportunities to explore their heritage.

Arts-in-Education Fund

HCF provides opportunities for children to learn about the rich cultural heritage of Hawai`i. Artists visit schools within the New York tri-State area to share the history of Hawai`i, conduct workshops in hula, music, and cultural arts, as well as lectures, demonstrations, and performances.

Research Fund

To better understand Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders diasporas, HCF conducts qualitative and quantitative research to provide demographics on this population residing on the continental United States; to highlight ways in which these cultures thrive and survive, to identify challenges faced in perpetuating the culture; and to make recommendations for building community through arts and culture.

Technology Fund

Technology plays a significant role in HCF’s outreach and communication efforts. HCF’s website is an important marketing and audience development tool as well as a resource for Hawai`i news and information. Technology maintenance and upgrades are essential to keep up with the pace of business, and maintain a network that bridges the East Coast and Hawai`i.