With a commitment to increasing awareness of current issues facing Hawai`i, the native Hawaiian population, and the Hawai`i mainland community, HCF conducts educational workshops, symposiums, forums, and lectures on Hawaiian culture, history, language and political issues.


Recognizing the importance of perpetuating Hawaiian culture for future generations, HCF creates opportunities for those outside of Hawai`i to learn, practice and explore the language and everyday traditions of ka po`e kahiko (old Hawaiians). HCF conducts intensive Hawaiian language workshops with visiting Hawai`i instructors, and coordinates on-going informal Hawaiian language practice sessions throughout the year. Through its Voyaging Through Time Program, HCF launched its community and cultural revitalization initiative by introducing the art of traditional Polynesian navigation to the East Coast community with a special film screening on the Polynesian voyaging vessel, Hokule`a, and lecture by one of its Senior Navigators, Shantell Ching. HCF’s educational programming emphasizes the importance of preserving ancient traditions such as the navigational arts, healing arts and belief-system.


Senior Navigator Shantell Ching and HCF Board following a lecture on traditional Polynesian voyaging.


The kupuna (elders) of our community provide us with a history of times past, the wisdom of our ancestors, and a living picture of the Hawaiian way of life. The kupuna talk-story series provides an opportunity for our community to open a dialogue with our elders about perpetuation of culture in today’s continually changing society, particularly for a growing population of Hawaiians now living outside of Hawai`i.


HCF believes in the importance of providing access to information on the current issues facing Hawai`i, the native Hawaiian population, and the Hawai`i mainland community, and providing a forum for learning about the different perspectives surrounding issues such as federal recognition of native Hawaiian, self-determination, sovereignty, environmental protection, land and water rights.